I have battled with CFS on and off for over 20 years.  After years of misdiagnosis, desperate searching to find answers and the soul destroying experience of having GP’s tell me it’s all in my head and putting me on antidepressants, a dear friend put me in touch with Sian.  I came to her with zero energy, brain fog, autoimmune issues, heavy, aching muscles, allergies, chronic hyperventilation and depression.  Initially, what I found so comforting was knowing that Sian had been through CFS herself.  I immediately felt understood and not alone in it all.  She is an amazing listener and so perceptive and intuitive.  Through our sessions, we came to realise I was suffering from PTSD and that this could well have been the trigger for my illness.  Her knowledge and understanding of nutrition and supplement support is remarkable (seriously impressive), and having the science behind my symptoms explained to me for the first time was a revelation to me.  Her absolute belief that I could recover was so incredibly strengthening.  She was a bright ray of hope to me!  
I was so excited to get her action plan after our first session.  She put me on a programme of amazing healing foods and supplements, eliminating the triggers for inflammation and working at healing my leaky gut.  She sent through delicious recipes, even fascinating podcasts to listen to whilst cooking.  She began to address my stress, anxiety and breathing, helping me build in gentle, restorative yoga & breathing exercises.  I finally felt someone was taking a grip of things and tackling the illness from every angle.  The change was slow at first but after a couple of months, I began to see a difference.  9 months under Sians wonderful care, I cannot believe how far I’ve come.  The crippling fatigue has lifted, I have much more clarity of thought, I am relieved from the extreme muscle pain, the list goes on - I feel like I have been given a new lease of life.  In the last few months, I have begun a pottery class (I never used to feel I could commit to anything) and I have even achieved a life long dream of travelling with my family to Africa.  I wondered if I would ever be strong enough to go.  My energy whist away was extraordinary - my family remarked upon it each day!  I feel more grateful to Sian than she can ever know for helping me fulfil this dream.
I have certainly fallen off the wagon a good number of times but I know Sian is there in such a positive and supportive way and so I never feel anxious to message her and say ‘HELP!’   I look forward to every single Skype session as it’s always SO insightful and uplifting!
She has taught me so much about the connection between body/mind and nutrition.  I feel equipped and empowered by all that she’s enlightened me in.  Combined with her exceptional knowledge, is her wonderful warmth, great sense of fun, amazing energy and beautiful spirit. 
Sian - you are a truly exceptional person and I am so grateful for your incredible help.

EK - London

I was in a real rut and couldn’t seem to shift the weight I’d put on during chemo. I felt like I would never get over my ‘chemo brain’.  I knew I needed a lifestyle change but with twin toddlers, running my own business and hectic travel schedule, I felt totally overwhelmed and didn’t believe I could achieve the change I was after.  Sian led me through the process, step by step.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and by explaining things so well, I was able to better understand why we were making the changes we were to my diet and my lifestyle.  Sian introduced changes in an organised way which kept me motivated and meant that the changes just became part of my new lifestyle; exactly what I wanted. She has been such an inspiration that I have launched a new healthy food deli that will be using some of her recipes!  

CF - Verbier

I have taken far too long to write this review. Sian helped me at a time when I thought I would just be tired for the rest of my life. She listened and asked probing questions and helped me to realise a dream of having energy that I had never had. The recipes are great, super easy and the kids love them. I can’t swear to always be “on the wagon” but what I do know is that I feed myself and my family better than I ever did and that I think about Sian more than is probably normal for a grown married woman because I am always reminding myself “what would Sian say” when I think about eating too much sugar or being lazy in my food prep!! 😂 I deserve better and so do my kids. She changed the way we eat and live. She is much missed in the northern hemisphere. NZ is lucky to have her back but I know she is always at the end of an email if I need a pep talk!! Her enthusiasm is unstoppable, inspirational and contagious. Right, off to finish my morning green smoothie!


I came to Sian last year when I was suffering badly from chronic fatigue and was feeling completely lost, my GP was pretty unhelpful and made me feel like i was making the whole thing up and then tried to palm anti-depressants off on me which I felt was not the answer. As I knew Sian had a similar experience of chronic illness I felt she would understand my plight!

She did and it was the best decision i could have made to start following her advice. It wasnt easy though but i was determined to invest in having to give up a load of things i loved to eat in favour of getting well and after a couple months a felt a layer of fatigue lift.

For me working with Sian gave my body and mind the support it needed to then have the clarity of mind to see where I needed to go next to get fully healthy.. for me this was addressing stress, trauma and anxiety which i believe is the root cause of all disease.

The great thing about Sian is that she not only knows a lot about diet, lifestyle, wellbeing and nutrition but also has a heart of absolute gold. She's not strict about things and is understanding that people need treats, can fall off the wagon or get cross that they cant have their cake and eat it! I was in a very bad place both physically and mentally so I didnt just need someone to tell me to stop eating this or try that vitamin I also needed to feel that someone actually cared and understood, every time I had a wobble Id message her and she’d come back with some supportive words that were as important as all healthy food I was living on (ranky rank!). Instead of telling me I was going to be ill forever.. (again thanks NHS GP for that) she had an unwavering belief that I could be healthy and have even more energy and happiness. Which I'm happy to say I have found..

I will always be indebted to her for what she did for me, she's a unique woman who is loved by everyone she meets and has a positivity that I both admire and envy!

Thanks Sian xx

Paul - UK

After struggling for around 4 years with stomach problems that were getting worse and worse with every attack I was struggling for answers and could not understand why I was in pain or what was causing my problems. Finally after becoming very sick I was diagnosed with diverticulitis, my colon was badly damaged and the Doctors were looking at an operation for me.

I found Sian via her website and my love on snowboarding after Sian had posted some Yoga videos on youtube. Having read through the website I made contact to see if she could help me. Very quickly Sian was able to identify what I was going through and we set up our first chat online. Sian put me on a plan that helped me almost immediately but what has become even more important is the understanding and knowledge that I was given of what was happening to me. When I went back to see my Doctor he could not believe the progress I had made and commented that many people are not able to make the changes I did, these changes were only possible through the help and knowledge Sian gave me.

Sian has been able to offer support when I have slipped and is been a massive help not only with my food knowledge but also helping with my daily life stress and hectic family life, this journey has been much more than just help with my diet. Thank you so much, I highly recommend anyone who is seeking more energy and a better lifestyle to get in touch


For the past 18 months my life has been shit. It’s been a series of sleepless nights because of crippling pain in my chest. The pain would be so vivid that I would be pulled out of bed [like Linda Blair in the Exorcist] to the medicine cabinet for a fistful of Codeine.

Initially, I thought I pulled a muscle or fractured a rib or caught a nasty disease on my travels [India or Ghana] or had lung disease. Even cancer crossed my mind but after months of seeing Doctors, Specialists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Masseurs and having Chest X-rays, MRI / CAT scans, multiple blood and stool tests for tropical diseases and even changing my mattress x3 times, it all came back clear.  I was so angry – I’m 42 and didn’t want to believe that I would have to accept and get used this. People always talk about living with and managing pain but Fuck that.  I was willing to travel to the ends of the earth to beat this thing – but it was starting to consume me. 

Lucky for me a good friend of mine [who has arthritis] told me he had been working with a really cool nutritionist who changed his diet and revolutionised his life.  He kindly connected me with Sian and from the very first consultation I knew that this was going to work.  I had a really good feeling about it and after trying everything else – well, it had to work didn’t it. 

After sending all of my medical records we had a 60 x min consultation – Sian sent me an action plan, a bunch of recipes and a list of pills and powders to buy. Sian asked me to drop her an email every day with an update, which was so helpful. 

I’d say that within a couple of days the pain educed massively and I started to get my life back. Sian’s been so supportive throughout the whole process and has really helped me define what food groups inflame my body and cause me discomfort. I can’t remember the last time I took a pain killer and I’ve been sleeping like a baby throughout the night – which has been incredible. 

I’m stunned at how quickly Sian managed to help me – after so many doctors were stumped. I cannot recommend Sian highly enough and have been raving about her to all of my friends. She’s changed my life.

CF - Switzerland

I went to see Sian because I had spent much of my life feeling tired and anxious and knowing that certain food and drinks made me jittery, angry or both. I also had constantly aching knees and hips and never left the house without ibuprofen in my bag, despite being a fit, sporty person. I also had a killer sweet tooth. I was beginning to sense the same pattern in my 6 year old daughter so rather than let her go through the same as me I decided to see if I was right and if something could be done about it from the inside. Sian listens very carefully, asks lots of probing questions, is extremely professional, but at the same time is a constant beam of positivity.  She asked me if I thought I could be gluten intolerant and I rolled my eyes at her, thinking “fad!”, but it turns out that the way she advised me to eat led to not only improved energy but fewer mood swings and less anxiety. I don’t remember the last time I took a painkiller. It greatly improved my daughter’s moods too and her eczema disappeared within two weeks, never to return. It took a lot of work on my part, it made me feel dreadful to start with, but now I would not eat any other way. I still fall off the wagon (haven’t quite killed the chocolate pangs!), but I have changed the way my family eats and we have all benefitted from it. I would not hesitate to recommend Sian for her knowledge, her empathetic ear, her delicious recipes/meal plans and for her smiling encouragement. She is so passionate about what she does and this rubs off. I am so very grateful to her for helping me to fix what I had begun to think was my lot in life. I am excited about new challenges, I am longer nervous of cooking for other people, my weight has remained stable and healthy even though I eat like a horse and I get such a kick out of giving my kids a really healthy start in life!


I am a 74year old male who, like many people my age have experienced adverse effects of today’s stresses, poor eating habits and a reliance on the information provided by our GPs and drug companies etc.    It should be noted I have exercised regularly over the years and consider myself to be very fit for my age. 

As with most people of my age, I was brought up on the belief that sugar was my friend and fat was the killer.   

In all probability I would have happily continued with this belief system until my health deteriorated, but then I became acquainted with Sian’s health advocacy. 

I completed her health questionnaire and for the first time I started to look seriously at my health and health issues and take control over my own health.    This was something my GP had never encouraged.

The two main problems Sian and I isolated were not uncommon, and I like many other people exhibited poor gut health and borderline type 2 diabetes.  

I have been working with Sian now for at least 6 months.  It has taken me all this time to make the necessary changes and to accept that making these changes to my diet as Sian suggested,   would result in a real difference to my well being.  I was caught between my traditional thinking (I was a 3 times a day bread eater and really enjoyed my custard slices) and her ideas.   I was not overweight, just not as healthy as I could be. 

 Sian supported me all the way, constantly reminding me how much better I felt when I was making changes, and encouraged me to keep going with them.   She continuously provided me with well- documented information, this helped enormously.    Some of the information I read convinced me that if I wished to make old bones I needed to make serious changes to my eating habits. 

I have proved to myself that it is possible to find other food alternatives (often better).  In fact many of the foodstuffs I now eat are more enjoyable than the other sugar-laden/wheat-gluten foods I thought I couldn’t do without.

My energy levels are   now so much higher and my thinking is also much clearer. 

This journey with Sian has been a revelation and I sincerely thank her for her time, energy, patience perceptiveness and constant good humour.


This year I became very ill with recurrent urinary infections and severe abdominal pains and constipation. I also lost nearly 8 kilos in 6 months, felt weak and unable to concentrate on my studies. I went from doctor to doctor and was hospitalised twice, but despite this, they couldn't find anything wrong with me except for the urinary infections which they treated with antibiotics. Sian suspected candida, colitis and parasites and put me on a restricted paleo diet, avoiding anything that could be difficult to digest and no fruit at all. I felt terrible at first but after a few days I was already feeling better and after a few weeks my weight stabilised and I started to feel normal again. Two months later I was eventually diagnosed with colitis and a parasite for which I received treatment. I am now following the GAPS diet feeling my strength return.


I suffer from the skin condition psoriasis and its associated auto immune order Psoriatic arthritis. In June this year the arthritis was the worst I had encountered and I was in constant and serious pain across the neck, shoulders, elbows, hands and feet. I was also fatigued and as a result, generally miserable. 

Having being on anti-inflammatories for two years, as well as more advanced rhuematologicaldrugs that had adverse, little or no effect, I began working with Sian in June of 2016 to see if I could find a solution to what was becoming a crippling situation. 

Through Sian’s own experience, her scientific knowledge and ability to listen to my individual needs, we first overhauled my diet. Sian provided key recipes and ways to reduce the foods that were causing inflammation and the supplements needed to improve my gut health. 

She has the rare ability to listen to an individual’s specific needs, relate to them personally and then provide both practical advice as well as emotional support. This is all packaged with a great sense of humor and a unstinting belief in your own ability to get better. 

It wasn’t easy, and the results took time, but the improvements were noticeable within a month, and then accelerated from there. Four months down the line, I’m almost pain free, suffering no fatigue and back doing the sports I love. 

I cannot understate the role Sian played in this life changing reversal or recommend her high enough. She provided the tools and the support to let me take control of my health, and I could not have, and would not have, been able to do it on my own. 


Last winter I found myself with almost 20 years of ski seasons; Working as a film maker and photographer in the great outdoors under my belt. The last 3 years I built up a film production company, an art company and art gallery, on top of my existing photography business, and I found my time focussed on my physical well being had dwindled to next to nothing.  I found myself constantly eating on the run or by my lap top and also heading up the mountain with no preparation and terrible physical form, leading to regular injuries.  I was either on the mountain with heavy cameras and weak legs or sitting at a computer for hours working until I went to bed (late) every night, 7 days a week.  The demands on me physically and mentally were starting to take their toll and I didn’t know how much longer I could take it.  I was depressed at the thought that it might be one or the other…mountain or office.

Then Sian came to the rescue. She was convinced that she could bring back the old me, starting with the basis of nutrition which would then have a knock on effect on my energy levels and fatigue, then my mental attitude, emotions and eventually she would tackle my work/life balance.  In the long run, the changes would change the potential for chronic diseases in later life.  I knew things had to change and having her by my side for the journey gave me the inspiration I needed.  

7 months on and I have totally changed my diet.  I don’t crave sugar anymore.  I don’t wake up in the morning starving.  I don’t crave chocolate in the evenings.  I don’t get the usual afternoon slump.  As a bonus I am steadily loosing about a kilo a month and I didn’t do this for weight loss. Aches and pains that I thought were result of too much sport and getting older have started to improve.  In addition I have started doing frequent yoga with Sian. I feel so different and am able to tackle tasks much easier.  What’s more is it has become natural to me and I don’t think about my old ways anymore.

I can’t thank Sian enough and would recommend anyone interested in improving their health to drop her a line. Thank you so much Sian!

DJ - UK  

I had been through a really rough time about a year ago and felt like I needed a totally mental and physical reboot. I had already tried the western medical approach and was keen to explore alternatives when a a friend recommended Sian. After a lengthy initial Skype chat Sian suggested I complete a full medical and food history and then came up with a strategy to rebuild me from the gut outwards. She recommended combining a number of dietary changes with restorative yoga and meditation. The new regime was a full on change and reeducation but with Sians guidance and support I was fully committed. A huge contributing factor in my illness was the fact that for the previous 18 months I could not do a lot of the physical exercise I loved due to an arthritic ankle. It had got to the stage where I was limping when I walked. Within 3 weeks of the changes I was no longer limping and was back running and playing 5 aside once a week, which was a huge positive improvement. Sian was amazing in the way she guided me through the whole process, from our hourly weekly Skype meetings (which I loved), emailed links and recipes through to friendly encouragement when I felt shit or fell off the waggon. Sian’s genuine passion on the importance of nutrition to our health, combined with her enthusiasm to help people recover from illness really shone through and helped me enormously. Over the last 6 months I have noticed a huge improvement in my mental and physical health and I owe that all to Sian. Thank you! x


Having suffered a concussion followed by several infections and glandular fever, I found myself sleeping 18 hours a day, unable to concentrate, socialise or exercise. The slightest walks exhausted me, but however much I slept, it didn't make me feel better. Doctors couldn't find out what was wrong with me as all test came back good. Sian explained what had happened to my head and body and put me on a strict paleo diet with supplements as well as suggested various lifestyle changes. Two months later I had returned to normal sleeping patterns feeling energised on waking up, I was able to socialise, snowboard and mountain bike, and work part time. I know I still have more recovery ahead of me, but Sian's advice has been invaluable so far.


My journey to good health started accidentally with Sian.   I started off simply as an observer when she was working with my husband.

I was a Registered Nurse who had a long-term interest in complementary health but still followed many of the old traditional health teachings relating to such matters as the food pyramid, low fat, dairy etc.  

I, just as a matter of interest, filled in her health form and went to a recommended GP who specializes in Complementary health to have extensive blood work carried out.   We were pleasantly surprised to find there were no major problems in my blood results.  (I am 72years old)  However, by filling in her forms it made me think about two issues that had caused me problems over the years.  One was gut related and the other thyroid.  I was not interested in traditional medication for either of these complaints so had never attended a GP for either. 

Over the past 6months I have worked with Sian to“fine tune” my health, mostly through thinking about what I was eating, and how my body was reacting to that food.   It hasn’t been all plain sailing but what I have learnt from Sian is to listen to my body.  

Both my thyroid and gut issues have improved immensely, only returning if I am foolish enough to eat foods which my body obviously can’t tolerate.  

While I was never grossly overweight, there has been unexpected bonus in changing my eating habits as I have lost about 7 kilos without effort. The interesting thing is that the weight loss is evenly spread over my body. 

I would happily recommend Sian to anyone, whether you have done the rounds of all the health providers with a serious illness and with no positive results or just wanting to be living a healthier life.  

I now have more energy, my mind is clearer, and I have more spring in my step. 

Thank you Sian. 

AV - Switzerland

Sian has helped me on ALL levels - right down to the core!

Where to start? For the better part of the last decade I’ve struggled with my weight.

I’d like to blame the struggle on the two ruptured hernias that I’ve had operated over the last seven years, the cracked vertebrae, the partial paralysis in my leg or the two cesareans but I ultimately know that I couldn’t blame these things for the fact that I could no longer fit into my jeans nor could I let these things define me... any longer. I just didn’t know where to start. Intro Sian...

I’ve learned so much about nutrition and strengthening while working closely with Sian these past months. Our work together has led me to achieve so many goals that I previously thought were just not in the cards for me anymore.

I’m so stoked for the path that is now ahead and I’m truly and sincerely thankful to Sian for enlightening me, encouraging me and all the giggles along the way ;-)